Couple Time at Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition

My first Star Wars movie experience was rather epic. I was in my early teenage years when I tagged along my elder sister and her friends on the opening night of the Star Wars Trilogy Special Editions: A New Hope at Shaw Theatres Lido. Most of her friends were avid Star Wars fans and were donned in their favourite Star Wars character costumes. Most of the patrons were in similar ensemble. They started cheering and waving their lightsabers as the lights dimmed in the theatre and the iconic music and text crawl began.

I won’t consider myself as an avid Star Wars fan but I do enjoy the Star Wars franchise. I had to visit the Star Wars Identities exhibition at the Art Science Museum before the run ends. All thanks to MIL, who babysat the girls, hubby and I could go on a “date” for the exhibition.

My thoughts about the exhibition:

The section where the spaceships on displayed was my favourite. I literally went “wow” upon seeing them lined up in front of me. I was disappointed that the X-wing was not displayed. I mean how can they miss out the x-wing?

The sketches and drawings were delightful. Seeing how some characters evolve and the fine details were intriguing.

Droids, costumes and props… was really cool seeing them up close while trying to recall the scene they appeared/used.  

We were each given a wrist tag which you can scan at the respective stations throughout the exhibition to build the identity of your chosen character. The novelty is probably for kids to get them engage throughout the exhibition and I can foresee my girls going crazy if they were there. Hubby have been joking that I’m Jabba the Hutt since I have been putting on weight while I declared him as Jar Jar Binks, just to annoy him. He took it rather seriously and picked a Gungan as his identity character.   

Now, time to rewatch the trilogies on Disney+!

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