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How to Make a Mandarin Orange Craft

Few more days to CNY and decided to get the girls to make a mandarin orange craft!

Check out the YouTube video of older Gem in action!

Instructions and template below. Time to practice patience and fine motor skills! Have a Blessed Lunar New Year and show me your mandarin orange craft!

Materials and Tools:

  • Orange paper
  • Green paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Hot glue gun (optional)


1. Print template on orange paper.

2. Cut the circles. 20 circles required for each mandarin orange.

3. Fold each of the circles along the lines of the triangles with the triangles faced down.

4. Each mandarin orange is made of 3 levels. The first and third level require 5 circles each. The middle level requires 10 circles.

5. We begin from the first level. Take a circle and apply glue on one of the folds and join the next circle. Repeat to form a dome with the 5 circles.

6. Middle level (10 circles). Paste 5 circles to the folds of the dome from step 5 (see arrows on bottom left picture). Paste another 5 circles to fill the gaps between (see bottom middle picture).

7. Third level (5 circles). Create a dome similar to step 5 and attach it to the product of step 6.

8. Create the stalk using a green paper (12cm by 5cm) and roll it into a tube really tightly.

9. Create the leaf by folding the green paper in half and cutting a dome over the fold. Fan fold the leaf to create “vein lines”. Cut a small hole at the upper tip of the leaf for the stalk to side through.

10. Assemble the orange, stalk and leaf using a hot glue gun.

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