The Goh Family

“We love because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19

I am Anthea and a SAHM for over nine years. Mum to two feisty girls. Older GEM is 9 and younger GEM is 4. GEMs because they are my precious and each of their names form the abbreviation, GEM. Together, they are called #cutiegemsisters, a term coined by older GEM. Older GEM is an avid reader and younger GEM is a dare devil swimmer! I enjoy reading to them, crafting with them and watching them dance their hearts out. I strive to be that awesome mum that God has called me to but more often than not, I fall short of His expectations when patience runs low. Wife to an educator, whose perfect day is time with the family, reading with some booze in hand and ending the day with a game of football or a couple of frames of snooker. 

Me? If there is still time left after all the laundry, meal preparation, chauffeuring… then arts, crafts and baking take centre stage.

As with most SAHMs, a typical day revolves around the family, leaving little time to myself. That’s been the story of my life for the past nine years so I decided I needed to do something; to journal my activities, thoughts, experiences and memories and share them to inspire others like how I have been inspired. This space (blank canvas) will do just that!

My canvas/life for the past nine years were inspired by my girls. From learning to drive and picking up new skills etc… The Blank Canvas Mum logo was inspired by older GEM. She would mark her drawings with a little “logo” on the bottom left of her artworks. I have no idea where her inspiration came from but its a growing plant of love stemmed from double Ms. This was created before any of us knew she was going to have a sibling so somehow she knew another M was joining the household. I sought her permission to use the logo and she graciously agreed.

I hope to kick off each day with a blank canvas and paint it with smiles and wonderful memories, a worthy masterpiece pleasing to God at the end of the day. Share your masterpiece with me too!

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