Goodnight Moon

“God gives rest to His loved ones.” Psalms 127:2


Goodnight Moon has been around for eons and loved by kids and adults! Younger GEM began her BFIAR series with this book when she was 29 months old. A lap book is created with every book we rowed, putting together the bits and pieces of crafts and learnings in one precious folder. I used half a sheet of vanguard for each lap book. We also learn a corresponding bible verse in English and Mandarin.

Below are some activities we did while we rowed Goodnight Moon.

  • Bible verse from Psalms 127:2
  • Glitter painting on a crescent and stars for the lapbook cover.
  • Painting a red balloon with a red balloon!
  • Introducing rhyming words
    • House, Mouse
    • Brush, Mush, Hush
    • Clocks, Socks
    • Kittens, Mittens
  • Introducing letters M and S and their phonetic sounds.
  • Working her fine motor skills with her pegging socks! Just like what we see in the “great green room”!