Sakura Featuring Tokidoki at Gardens by the Bay

The girls always welcome a trip to Gardens by the Bay because of the cooled conservatories and there is always something new to explore and learn. The sakura floral display is currently ongoing at the Flower Dome conservatory until 3 April 2022. Soaking in some Japanese fanfare and educating myself on the differences between peach blossoms and cherry blossoms!

How can I forget to include a literature element to our Japanese fanfare?

Haiku is a poetic form originated in Japan. Written using three short unrhymed lines with a five-seven-five syllable pattern. Such poetry often highlights nature.

Haiku has evolved over time and modern poets no longer adhere to the original form.

In this book “Hi, Koo! A Year of Seasons”, the author brings us through the four seasons in an alphabetical path coupled with gentle and soft illustrations.

Younger Gem did enjoy the book, especially with Koo as her favourite animal; a panda!

Interactive Displays at the Cloud Forest Conservatory

The usual hype of the Cloud Forest conservatory for the girls is the indoor waterfall and the periodic misting. This time, we were greeted with a little exhibition by National Geographic at the Crystal Mountain arena. We did spend a considerable amount of time with the educational interactive displays.

Embarked on “The AR-mazing Tiger Trail”

The AR-mazing Tiger Trail by the WWF aims to educate the public on tiger conservation. There are 8 sculptures, commissioned by various artists, scattered around Gardens by the Bay. The girls had a good run hunting for the sculptures, collecting the emboss stamps on their “Tiger Passport” at each station.

And topping off GBTB with a walk on the sky bridge! It was a good day!