Learning Through Play

Project: Terrarium

We spent the first day of 2022 at a nursery picking up supplies for terrarium making.

A few weeks ago at the same nursery, the girls went crazy upon seeing those cute mini pots of succulents and wanted them so badly. So I got older Gem on a research project; open and close terrariums.

She did her research (mostly watching videos on youtube), selected her jars from my stash of unused vases (yes, I do have a lot of vases!) and wrote her shopping list.

Shopping List (in order of terrarium layers from the base)

  • Gravel Rocks
  • Sphagnum Moss
  • Organic Potting Soil
  • Plants (For both open and close terrariums)
  • Coloured Rocks and Sand for decorations

The girls selected all the materials on their own at the nursery. And now the fun and mess begin… They did the close terrarium entirely on their own, while I helped with the open since the succulents are delicate plants.

Close Terrarium

Working on the Open Terrarium

For the close terrarium, the girls chose blue sand to represent a lake and a sea shell as a raft to house their LEGO figurines.

The process was messy but they had a great time and delighted with the results! It was an activity to practise patience as the narrow opening of the close terrarium and the delicate succulents can be challenging.